Lets Swim!


Ok, I am officially in summer mode. Gone are the coats, boots, and red wines by the fire. Instead, I am obsessed with getting to the beach every day. We are lucky to live in Dunsborough so, if the winds are in on one side of the Cape, we just head to the other side. Let’s face it, all the beaches down south are incredible, and it would be impossible to choose a favourite, but here is a list of some of the best beaches I’ve visited this December.

Just next to Eagle Bays glimmering white sands is Rocky Point. It isn’t as accessible as Eagle Bay, requiring visitors to walk along a coastal track to get to it, but it is worth it. Limestone and granite rocks, crystal clear waters and no crowds. It is a magical little spot that even gets the odd wave or two in the right conditions. 


I’m not sure I want to let you in on this local’s secret but here we go! At the end of Old Dunsborough, where the houses stop, and the nature reserve starts is an awesome walking trail that goes all the way to Castle Rock (and beyond). Even more awesome, is that it is scattered with delectable beaches only accessible by foot. These quiet blue waters are a natural haven where native vegetation, tumbling rocks and wildlife meet the sea. I always pack lightly, breathe deeply, and feel very lucky to be there when visiting these sacred places. These spots are a great place to head if you have time on your side and are avoiding the summer crowds.


I can’t go past Yallingup beach for so many reasons. If Geographe Bay is windy, it is almost guaranteed Yallingup won’t be. Aqua waters, great snorkelling, surfing, plenty of people watching, it has something for everyone. A good note for the pet lovers out there, it is also dog friendly. I personally think the soaring view as you drive down into Yallingup is awe inspiring and worth it just for that! 

Heading further south, Contos is accessed through the beautiful Boranup Forest along the Caves Road drive. It is a bit of a trek so isn’t for everyone but unlike many remote beaches in the southwest this one doesn’t need a four-wheel drive to gain access. The beach is littered with rock pools ready to be explored, the crescent moon bay is beautiful and the high towering cliffs make the perfect spot to watch the sunset. 

Contos is the beach to visit if you are feeling adventurous and want to get off the beaten track. It also has some incredible walking trails so if it is no longer beach perfect you can explore the coastline while still seeped in nature. And for those really adventurous types, bring your bike and explore the excellent bike trails.